Under 1 Roof


We have all experienced the frustration and inconvenience of being asked to go from place to place to place to get customer or other assistance. Now imagine needing food or shelter and having no transportation, children in tow, and having to find someone who can give you a ride or having to walk. Faced with this difficulty, many people simply never get the critical help they need.

At PHP we understand that truly helping is about making it as easy for individuals and families to obtain the services they need. So, in addition to furnishing all of our own services, we use our Solvang Service Center to co-locate the services of other agencies, “Under One Roof”.




MediCal Tuesday, Biweekly;
9:00 AM-Noon
Qualified individuals and families can sign up for MediCal insurance.
WIC 3rd Thurs. Each Month
9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Income eligible pregnant women and mothers with infants and children come to Santa Barbara County’s Women’s, Infant’s and Children’s (WIC) nutritional program to get information about how to prepare nutritious meals and receive vouchers for healthy foods.
Counseling Interns M-F; 8-6 PM Youth and Family Counseling