Health Services

Community Health Access Resource Team (CHART)

Clients with healthcare needs and who qualify, are helped to enroll in available insurance or public sector programs to secure treatment. Clients who are uninsured or have high deductibles or share of costs are assisted by local doctors, dentists, counselors, pharmacies, hospitals, and labs who have been enlisted by PHP as partners to furnish free or pre-negotiated low cost services upon referral by People Helping People. Often times, clients and PHP share discounted costs and clients may pay their share of costs to PHP or the provider on an installment plan. PHP staff helps to arrange appointments to participating providers and may provide transportation when alternative transportation is not available.

Children’s Dental Fund

  • According to the California Department of Health, dental disease is the greatest unmet health need in the State.

Local dentists donate more than $20,000 in dental treatments each year to children referred by PHP. The dentists have a predetermined fee schedule agreement with PHP based upon 50% of average insurance reimbursement rates. PHP qualifies families, pre-approves services and schedules appointments for children from families earning up to 250% of federal poverty standards. Families pay a $15 appointment fee to PHP and then 50%-100% of the dentist’s fees in 12 installments determined on a sliding scale based upon income.

Adult Dental Fund

Eligibility for this program is limited to uninsured adults age 60 and older and whose income is 150% of Federal poverty or less. Clients pay all or part (monthly) of a steeply discounted fee charged to PHP by participating dentists. Clients sign an agreement to repay their portion of dental fees to PHP and PHP pays the dentist directly for the entire balance. The actual payments of families/individuals are based upon income on a sliding scale. PHP payments are limited to a maximum of $1,500 per year. PHP staff helps to arrange appointments to participating dentists and may provide transportation when alternative transportation is not available.

MediCal Enrollment & Renewal

PHP is a Certified Enrollment Entity and staff members are certified Enrollment Counselors. Staff can enroll and renew qualified applicants in MediCal at any of PHP’s local Family Resource Centers. Enrollment requires documentation of household income documentation of legal U.S. residency for each enrollee. Income standards for MediCal are established by the state and vary with family size.

Mental Health Wellness & Counseling

Services are tailored to the individual needs and goals of clients. Desired outcomes include increased understanding of child development, positive parenting skills, improved individual self-worth and sense of self for children and adults, improved communication and satisfaction in family and social relationships, and overall improved quality of life for individuals, couples, and families.

Counseling services for students and their families are available free of charge at the Santa Ynez Valley Union High School, College, Buellton, and Solvang School Districts. Counseling is furnished by interns completing advanced degrees and who need to complete hours of practice toward licensing. Interns are supervised by an experienced and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (M.F.T.). Services are furnished based upon referral from school faculty and staff or a Family Services Advocate at the school’s Family Resource Center.

Limited community based counseling services are available to individuals, couples, and families on a sliding fee scale based upon income.