Planned Giving

The PHP Endowment

You Could Change Lives for Generations to Come

PHP has created an Endowment Fund where you can create a lasting legacy and ensure that your values are commemorated, the needs of those in the community are met, and that People Helping People thrives to serve in the future. You may make a direct gift or select a Planned Giving methodology in order to contribute to the Endowment. You may make a general gift or a specific gift restricted to a particular purpose. Regardless of the nature of your donation, the purpose of the Endowment is create sustainable funding for the future by limiting withdrawals to 4 to 5% of the funds 3 year average balances on January 1st balances. Thus, the principal of the Endowment remains as an insurance policy for PHP to bridge difficult economic times or respond to emerging community needs.

Planned Giving

What is Planned Giving?

Planned giving is a way that you can support PHP and from which you ca n benefit personally now and in the future. Planned giving is a way of transferring assets to PHP during your lifetime or as part of your estate. It is “planned” because often the assets that are transferred are not liquid, have tax consequences, and are transferred through written agreements. There are many ways a donor may plan a gift to PHP that may maximize current or future tax benefits and reduce or eliminate the donation’s effect on current and future income. And, importantly, you do not have to have great wealth to take advantage of planned giving opportunities!

How Do I Make a Planned Gift?

Making a planned gift can be as easy as naming PHP as a beneficiary in your will or trust for a designated amount or a gift of property.

A planned gift may also include the transfer of other assets to PHP. These gifts could include:

  • Long-term Appreciated Securities Such As Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Fund Shares
  • Commercial or Residential Real estate
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Assets Including IRA Accounts
  • Business Holdings
  • Checking or Savings Accounts

Current Income and Current and Future Tax Benefits

In many cases, in return for the donation of an asset now, donors can receive regular income during the term of their and a spouses life and may receive generous immediate and long-term tax benefits. Types of planned gift vehicles that can produce both income and tax benefits include:

  • Charitable Reminder Trust
  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • Charitable Pooled Income Fund
  • The Ideal Plan
  • Retained Life Estate

Impact on Heirs

Why Partner With a Non-Profit

Often, donors are concerned about the impact planned gifts to a non-profit may have on beneficiaries, especially family members. Planned giving is not an all or nothing approach and can easily coexist with gifts to other beneficiaries. In fact, frequently, a planned gift has a neutral effect on other beneficiaries because the gift to the charity comes from the taxes that would have been due without the charitable gift.

Distribution of Estate

No Non-Profit

0% Beneficiaries
0% Tax

With Non-Profit

0% Beneficiaries
0% Tax
0% Non-Profit

Additional Information

For more information on the PHP Endowment or Planned Giving, please contact Dean Palius, C.E.O. at or call (805) 686-0295 x108.