People Helping People (PHP) has signed an agreement with a local couple that will create a deferred gift of $450,000 designated exclusively to PHP’s endowment. The donors are John and Michele Kuelbs of Solvang. The donation will flow to the endowment upon the passing of the couple.

In 2015, the PHP Board of Directors decided to establish an endowment fund as part of their strategic planning process. In early 2016, the Board established endowment and investment policies. Later that same year, PHP began promoting the benefits of donations to the endowment to select donors.

According to Lorraine Neenan and Becky Barieau, PHP’s Board President and Treasurer respectively, the Board felt that it was time for PHP to create a funding mechanism that could sustain the successful community based organization’s critical basic needs services for a future generation. Neenan said that at 25 years old, PHP had proven its value to the community. “The endowment provides the opportunity for community members to make a legacy gift that will have a positive impact on those less fortunate for many years to come. The endowment is designed to use investment income to support programs and preserve its principle, said Neenan.” Barieau, a C.P.A., added that, “PHP can assist families to design a gift to charity that will realize their philanthropic objectives while providing for the needs of their family and minimizing current and future taxes. In some cases, such a gift can result in an increase in the value of a donor’s current income and estate.”

The couple who made the endowment gift told PHP’s CEO, Dean Palius, that they have a history of donating to many charities. They said that, “since we moved to the Santa Ynez Valley, we have taken a deeper interest in what needs exist here in our own backyard. We did our due diligence and found that PHP was the go to organization here to help those in need and they did it effectively and at low cost. We started off by donating to programs at PHP and felt that the dollars were well spent. This year we decided that we wanted to have a greater impact on the organization’s future and we chose to contribute to their endowment. This gift will pay dividends to PHP and the valley community for years to come and somewhat selfishly, it benefited our family with very significant tax savings.”

Palius said that PHP is very grateful for the very generous gift to their endowment. “We hope that the gift made by this couple is an example that others in the community will follow. The endowment is a way of guaranteeing that PHP will be here in the future when individuals and families need assistance.”

To obtain more information about PHP’s endowment or to start a conversation about how you can develop a plan to lower your taxes, increase current income, and build a bigger estate for your heirs, call Dean Palius at 686-0295 x108 or e-mail him at

People Helping People is a 501 c-3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of men, women and children in the Santa Ynez Valley, Los Alamos and surrounding areas by addressing emergency and basic needs and furnishing comprehensive integrated family and individual support services. To learn more about PHP, its programs, and ways that you can help, please visit the PHP web site at or call 686-0295.