Donate a Vehicle

PHP’s “Donate Vehicles to Make a Difference” program accepts direct donations of motor vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, etc). The vehicles need not be running and PHP will pay for towing, if necessary, if the organization accepts the donation.

PHP will not take every vehicle but if it can be put in operating condition for a reasonable cost or sold for parts, PHP will accept the donation and provide the donor with appropriate IRS tax receipt forms.

In the past, PHP would refer vehicle donors to another non-profit, “Cars for Causes,” who would take the vehicle, rehabilitate it, and sell it. PHP would then receive a portion of the sales price if the donor designated PHP as the beneficiary.

Over the years, a number of vehicles were donated in this way, but the financial return to PHP became quite small. PHP was then approached by a local resident and Buellton Rotary Club member about helping PHP to take vehicle donations by using his skills in the repair and sales of vehicles that he had developed over the past thirty years in that business.

If you are interested in donating a vehicle to PHP, contact Kate MacLean at 805-686-0295 x106 or PHP will provide you with an appropriately completed I.R.S. Form 1098 to be filed with your tax return in order to claim your charitable gift tax deduction.

This 1998 Ford Taurus was recently donated to PHP by the City of Buellton.